Compilation from 2014 concerts

The video below is a compilation of short clips from live concerts at the Belfast Waterfront Hall, the Millennium Forum, Derry/Londonderry, and St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s Church in Ballyastle, County Antrim.


Happy New Year!

Today, is a special day! For some it’s the first day back at work after the Christmas and New Year holidays, and for other workers, it’s the first day of the first full working week of 2015. It’s a day when it’s more than likely that any left over reminders of Christmas, like decorations, cards, or a Christmas tree that has been sitting over the holidays, will be removed. One potential hangover, however, from the holidays might be those New Year resolutions. It may take another couple of weeks to kill THEM off. It may seem like I’m joking but if what I’ve read is true, then that’s the average length of time that New Year resolutions last.


It seems also that resolutions at the New Year are made in the following order of priority:

1 To lose weight  2 To get more organised.  3 To spend less and save more.  4 To enjoy life more.  5 To keep fit and healthy.

Many years ago I learned that resolutions by themselves are often ineffective, mainly because they usually depend on willpower, and willpower alone is seldom enough.  However, if a New Year resolution is treated as a ‘goal’, and then backed up by an action plan for its implementation, then that’s a different matter.  Setting goals with sensible plans for their achievement is how organisations and companies are started and grown.

So if you have made a New Year resolution, don’t be put off. Treat it as a goal you want to achieve this year and then come up with action steps you can take that will move you forward in the direction of your goal.  I’m sure before long you’ll be congratulating yourself for achieving it.  So whatever your resolution or whatever you wish to achieve in 2015 may I wish you every success and blessing and may this be your best year ever.

Final UK Concert of 2014

The final UK Christmas concert took place in Northern Ireland on 18th December 2014 at St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s Church, Ballycastle, County Antrim. We were delighted with the warm reception received at the church and we know that we have made new friends there. The short video below gives a flavour of the performance when the African Children’s Choir were joined by choirs from local schools. Once again, we’re grateful to all the teachers and pupils who put such an effort in to making the evening such a success. This event was the culmination of a very successful UK tour by choir 41. This choir also performed with former African Children’s Choir members to record our new Christmas CD, Emmanuel, which was officially launched at a spectacular event at the Belfast Waterfront Hall on 11 December.

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of another year. We’ve seen a lot of changes happen in 2014, with more of an involvement and cooperation with schools, etc., which has been a very positive move. We undertook the first of a number of new studio recordings and we have also embarked on a total overhaul of our digital communications, including new websites, which, when completed next year, will give us an efficiency in communicating with our friends and partners that we have never had before. So 2015 promises to be a very exciting year and I’ll be blogging more about new developments early in the new year. May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year and thank you for all your prayers and support in 2014.


New Christmas CD

It has been great to see the vision for a new Christmas CD come to pass.  Emmanuel, is the result of months of hard work, planning, writing and arranging.  At last, the final product, released and officially launched at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast on 11 Dec 2014.

In the video below, our camera caught up with Producer, Tre Sheppard and Arranger, Ian Hannah. They told us a little bit about the production and their time spent with the African Children’s Choir.